“I have nothing to wear!” I mutter this sentence to myself at least a couple of times per week when I stand in front of my overflowing (!!) closet, trying to decide what I should wear that day.

I am pretty sure this is a common phenomenon. Also: wearing new clothes is fun. It is inspirational. It is creative. It is expressive.

However, it is also 2020. And by now most of us know how horrible and destructive fast fashion is for the planet and the workers, producing cheap clothing for huge retail companies.

One way of shopping without contributing to fast fashion: Thrifting

Whether you are in Munich to visit and explore the city, or you actually live here. I hope you get inspired by this Munich Thrift Store Guide 2020 and find what you are looking for!


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Let’s step into your summer wardrobe. ? #picknweight #vintagekilostore

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Pick n Weight is a vintage shop based on the idea of selling unique vintage clothes by the kilo. The one-off items and accessories are from the past decades. The Pick n Weight idea has been hugely successful, and by now there are two stores in Munich and more in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Ibiza and London.

The vibe of the stores is super “hipstery” and the store is usually overflowing with clothes. I can recommend taking some time to search through the hanging rails – I have found some amazing pieces.

This is not a super cheap thrift store where you can  buy a sweater for a couple of €. I have made some real bargains there, but expect to pay some money if you find a stunning winter coat or original cowboy boots that you want to take home
Store 1: Schellingstraße 24, 80799 Munich
Store 2: Tal 15, 80331 Munich


Oxfam is a second-hand store selling donated clothing as well as kitchenware, books and general utensils used in everyday home-life.  The goal is to provide super affordable things to people, who do not have a lot of money to spend at the moment. You won’t find any big brand names there but one of my good friends has found some of her favourite blouses at Oxfam.

If you have clothing you no longer wear, consider donating to Oxfam. More info on that here and here (German).

The items are very affordable and usually range between 1-20€.
Store 1: Fraunhoferstr. 6, 80469 Munich
Store2: Tuerkenstraße 81, 80799 Munich
Store 3: Orleansplatz 4, 81667 Munich
OPENING HOURS: MO-FRI 10am-7pm, SA 10am-3pm


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Mix & match: floral and graphic patterns combined with a soft colored leather biker jacket to tone it down. @hoganbrand sneakers (new, size 39)

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Kleiderpracht is a designer store and offers premium and vintage designer clothing from Prada, Aigner and Burberry and so on in good condition and for fair prices.
The motto of the shop is: Mix and Match

LOCATION: Kurfürstenstraße 49, 80801 Munich
OPENING HOURS: TUE-FRI 12pm-7pm, SA 12pm-4pm

Vintage Love

Vintage Love is a real vintage fashion treasure. The store is beautifully decorated and every single item is a special find from the past decades, especially the 50s, 60s and 70s. Vintage Love leaves its visitors speechless with ball gowns, cocktail dresses, blouses, trousers and accessories. During “Oktoberfest Season” (April to September) the store additionally sells traditional Bavarian attire.

LOCATION: Frauenstraße 22, 80469 Munich
OPENING HOURS: MO-FRI 1pm-7pm, SA 1pm-6pm


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Shop-Vorstellung: Vintage by Resales in Darmstadt 2.Stock 🙂 #darmstadt #meinestadt #vintagestyle #kommvorbei #takeaseat #fashionaddicts

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Resales is a German second-hand store chain. You’ll find a diverse range of thrift and vintage fashion for a small price.

Store1: Sonnenstraße 2, 80331 Munich
Store2: Sendlinger Straße 21, 80331 Munich
Store 3: Lindwurmstraße 82, 80337 Munich
Store 4: Weißenburger Straße 32, 81667 Munich

Capricorn Store

Selected Contemporary Second-Hand and First-Hand Favourites” is how the Capricorn Store introduces itself on Instagram. Indeed, they sell beautiful, pre-loved pieces in a Scandinavian design: modern, clean and feminine. The store is a small, charming boutique. Once discovered, almost everyone feels compelled to come back. Happy roaming and shopping!

LOCATION: Reichenbachstr. 30, 80469 Munich
OPENING HOURS: TUE-FR 11am-7pm; SA 11am-5pm

Be Gipsy

“Be Gipsy – Wear it twice” – is the store’s motto. Here you’ll find everything, from Jimmy Choo shoes to a sweater from Zara. But one thing always remains the same: It is thrifted.
Special Feature: in August and September Be Gipsy only sells Bavarian traditional fashion such as Dirndl dresses. You know it, it’s Oktoberfest Season.

LOCATION: Gabelsbergerstr. 68, 80333 Munich
OPENING HOURS:TUE-FRI 11am-7pm, SA 11am-4pm


This is a big and spacious thrift store with lots and lots of clothing. You’ll find anything here, ranging from  H&M dresses to Acne pieces. And the service there is outstanding. A definite recommendation!

LOCATION: Schwanthaler Straße 156, 80339 Munich

Alexas Retro Fashion

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#vintageclothing #vintage #vintagefashion #alexasvintagefashion #vintage#renalange #munich #utzschneiderstrasse

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Alexas Retro Fashion is a rockabilly paradise. Every single item is an individual piece ranging back to the 50s-80s. So, if you love the Swing Style, don’t hesitate and check it out.

LOCATION: Utzschneiderstraße 10, 80469 Munich
OPENING HOURS: MO-FRI 1pm-7pm, SA 11am-6pm

Alva Morgaine

Last but not least: Alva Morgaine – the most outlandish and magical thrift store on this list. It is a shop full of unique items, curiosities and vintage surprises. This is the perfect place to rummage through to find unique treasures – like a croco bag – and to admire the work of art that is the carefully curated shop window.

LOCATION: Hans-Sachs-Straße 9, 80469 Munich
OPENING HOURS: TUE-FRI 11pm-6:30pm, SA 11am-6pm