Black Friday: We are junkies and consumerism is our drug

Black Friday – a Spectacle

It is almost November. And that means: Black Friday is coming up. The day has cult status. Yay. Right?

Sales, special offers, money saving. Nothing wrong with that.

But. Unfortunately there is a big but. BUT…Black Friday has become the ugly face of consumerism. Huge companies and businesses go to extremes and offer highly promoted sales on the fourth friday of November to “ring in” christmas season shopping.

People go berserk on that day. Or dare I say batshit crazy. We have all seen the pictures of frantic people stamping on each other in order to get that discounted TV.

And while we practically murder each other for that vaccum cleaner, guess who is drooling over that spactacle.

Correct. The massive companies couldn’t be happier. And richer. Once again, we are their puppets. So good and well-behaved. So predictable.


“Buying something you dont need is a waste of money, even if it is a bargain.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana


Buying discounted products isn’t the Problem. What Black Friday stands for is.

It is totally normal and legitimate to want to save money. Of course we would rather buy the TV for 300€ instead of 500€ if that is possible.

The problem is not that we like to save money. The problem is that Black Friday stands for blind consumerism. It stands for our throwaway-society in which we are always looking for something better, newer, shinier.

Black Friday might give us a good feeling (temporarily) for saving €€. Seriously, shopping a sale is similar to getting high. It’s exhilerating.

Often, however, it is a short-lived high. Shopping is not the way to a happy and balanced life. Apart from the fact, that sales tempt us to buy things, we wouldn’t buy at all otherwise.

It’s not: never buy a sale again. It is: Don’t support the Black Friday Culture

Never buying a sale again is not the answer. Of course not. Buying a sale is fun and yes, we save money.

Boycotting Black Friday however, is an answer. 


An Anti-black friday movement

It is no secret anymore that the resources on this earth are finite. the topics of conscious consumption and sustainabilitity have long reached mainstream media. 

the #whitemonday movement founded in 2017 in Sweden is a non-profit initiative to promote circular alternatives to linear consumption. 

The movement promotes “companies that offer services that repair, reuse and rent stuff” and encourages us to try them out.


#whitemonday has over 200 partners by now who promise to never use “black friday” as a marketing trick, promoting circular options instead.

During the Monday before Black Friday, they use the hashtag #whitemonday to make a big buzz about this movement and to enlighten more people every year.

Learn more about #whitemonday and how you can become part of it here.